Las TIC ante el COVID-19

This issue of the Boletic magazine is framed in the extraordinary context of the Pandemic due to COVID-19 and how this scenario has been faced by the Administrations. In the first article, Roberto Sánchez, Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures, highlights the rapid response of the entire group so that the pandemic does not interrupt access to digital services. It is also highlighted that the new normality will consolidate the relevance of connectivity and digitization. For his part, the Secretary General of Digital Administration Fernando de Pablo analyzes the response of the Public Administrations to the unprecedented challenge of the pandemic, a challenge that in his own words has been resolved in an extraordinary way. The planning and actions of the ICT collective in the face of COVID-19 are highlighted, enabling teleworking in record time and the role of the SGAD in this scenario. In the article by Santiago García Blanco, General Director of Digital Transformation and Relations with Users of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Cantabria, it is highlighted how an exceptional situation, such as that experienced by the pandemic, especially in the health sector, provides us with an opportunity if we are able to take advantage of it to face the digital transformation.

The second part of the magazine continues with the Monographic COVID-19 in which the following articles are found:

• Electronic administration in times of pandemic, Julián Valero Torrijos. Professor and Administrative Law. University of Murcia.

• Management of the health crisis in the Ministry of Health by Noemí Cívicos Villa. Ministry of Health.

• The ICT effort to maintain public services in the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Santiago Díez Martínez Spanish Data Protection Agency.

• Public procurement of information technologies during the state of alarm. Luis Miguel Vega Fidalgo. City of Madrid

• The incidence of Covid-19 in the SEPE SGTIC, Raúl Martín García. SEPE

• Never let a good crisis go to waste: Benefits for the Digital transformation of the Covid-19 crisis. Jorge NavasElorza. Ministry of Interior.

• Implementation of teleworking in the Tax Agency. Alberto Zapico, Vicente Peirats, Carlos Cornejo. AEAT.

• A selective course in times of pandemic. Maria de Galardi Mendiluce. INAP.

• Management system of the State passive classes regime. David Baldomino Agraz. IGAE.

• The Hispabot system: Covid19: conversational systems for the Administration and Citizen Services. David Pérez, David Griol, Zoraida Callejas. Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence.


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