Información del Puesto

  • Fecha de publicación: 29/12/2022
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Descripción del Puesto


Experiencia y Conocimientos

a) Eligibility criteria

The following eligibility criteria must be fulfilled by the candidate in order to be seconded to the Commission. Consequently, the candidate who does not fulfil all of these criteria will be automatically eliminated from the selection process.

  • Professional experience: at least three years of professional experience in administrative, legal, scientific, technical, advisory or supervisory functions which are equivalent to those of function group AD;
  • Seniority: candidates must have at least one year seniority with their employer that means having worked for an eligible employer as described in Art. 1 of the SNE decision on a permanent or contract basis for at least one year before the secondment; 
  • Linguistic skills: thorough knowledge of one of the EU languages and a satisfactory knowledge of another EU language to the extent necessary for the performance of the duties. SNE from a third country must produce evidence of a thorough knowledge of one EU language necessary for the performance of his duties.


b) Selection criteria


– university degree or 

– professional training or professional experience of an equivalent level  in the field(s) : business administration, economics, and/or engineering.

Professional experience

The candidate will have at least two years of experience on the development and/or implementation of strategies supporting digital policies, including collaboration with European, national and/or regional stakeholders. The candidate should also have experience of working with the EU institutions and EU funding programmes. Experience and knowledge specifically related to the field of Artificial Intelligence would be an advantage.

Language(s) necessary for the performance of duties

English. Additional languages are a plus for the liaisons with stakeholders.

Funciones del Puesto

The seconded national expert should contribute to the development and implementation of initiatives related to European policy on Artificial Intelligence, with a particular focus on the Coordinated Plan adopted in 2018 and reviewed in 2021 (see COM(2021)205 of 21 April 2021 ‘Fostering a European approach to Artificial Intelligence’).
The tasks notably include:

  • the overall monitoring of the implementation of the different initiatives led by the Commission (in close collaboration with the services directly in charge of these initiatives) foreseen in the Plan;
  • the support to the coordination between Member States in the context of the implementation of national initiatives in the area of AI, including through the expert group on ‘Artificial Intelligence and digitalisation of businesses’;
  • the monitoring of AI policy developments in a few specific countries (country desk responsibilities being shared with the other members of the unit, with 2-3 countries per colleague);
  • engaging with and mobilising stakeholders through the organisation of meetings, workshops and benchmarking activities aimed at promoting and supporting the implementation of the European policy on Artificial Intelligence, as well as collecting inputs with a view to prepare its future developments;
  • overseeing the execution of studies (carried out by external contractors) aimed at monitoring the implementation of national and regional initiatives on Artificial Intelligence, as well as at gathering intelligence on the policy, economic and social developments related to the uptake of Artificial Intelligence technologies across the EU;
  • coordinate the work on the recovery and resilience fund with regard to AI;
  • implement with the support of an external contractor the Adopt AI programme aiming at improving the uptake of AI by public authorities;
  • preparing the next review of the European Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence.